Windows and Portlights


The window frame details shown on the following pages describe some of the common designs that are produced for various applications. Custom designs are continually being developed to conform to specific request.Frame styles are available for bolt-in, clamp-in or weld-in installations and with brushed, polished, anodized, powdercoated, primered and painted finishes. Type of glass and framing is dependent upon window location, type of vessel and operating conditions.

Technical Drawings

* Click on the model number to view the drawing

For a fully customized order, please fill out the below sales sheet and submit it, our sales team will be able to promptly assist you. Alternatively, you can print the sheet and scan it to

Download Window Sales Information Sheet

To order, please provide the following information:1. Model number 2. Plate cut dimensions or template (if built to pattern) 3. Radiused or mitered corners 4. Bulkhead thickness 5. Glazing type and thickness 6. Frame finish 7. Opening direction (hinge side, direction of slide, forward, aft, port, starboard) 8. Special requirements (agency certification, deadlights, insect screens, Etchmatte artwork, etc.)

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