Weathertight sliding doors are constructed from aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Many configurations are available including Flush, Articulated, Bi-Parting, Flybridge, Counterpull, Powered and Full glass. Sliding doors of varying sizes, arrangements, corner radiuses and shapes are custom manufactured produced to fit specific applications.

The weathertight door details shown on the following pages describe some of the common designs that are produced. Custom designs are continually being developed to conform to specific request. Most door panels are available with a variety of options including frames, windows, receivers for wood joinery, dogs, and locksets. Frame styles are available for bolt-in, clamp-in or weld-in installations.

These sliding doors are available in bare, polished, anodized, powdercoated, primered and painted finishes. The paint process includes a six step procedure that includes acid etch, chemical conversion, alodine, epoxy primer, high build epoxy primer and top coat linear polyurethane paint.

To order, please provide the following information:

1. Model number
2. Plate cut dimensions
3. Material requirements
4. Handage (direction of slide)
5. Size, position, glass type and thickness of window (if required)
6. Lockset, latchset, pull handles, hardware, keying requirements
7. Finish (bare, primered, painted, etc.)
8. Special requirements (agency certification, etc.)